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Slumberkins | Otter Snuggler Set


Promotes: Building Connections, Acceptance, Community Engagement

Meet Otter, a friendly and sociable companion who brings the joy of building connections to children and their families. Otter encourages kids to explore and strengthen their relationships within their families and communities, fostering a deep sense of belonging and support. Each story in Otter's collection is designed to illustrate the importance of connection and community, helping children appreciate the bonds that make our lives richer.

Included in the set are:

  • "Otter's Heart Family" Board Book: This story instills positive core beliefs about connections, showing children that love, support, and security are what make a Heart Family and celebrates the diverse forms of family and the strength of family bonds.

  • "Otter's Community Grows" Board Book: This story teaches emotional skills for building community and expanding important relationships. It encourages children to engage with communities they are part of. 

  • Otter Snuggler: A cuddly companion that reinforces the themes of family and community from the books, providing children with a cuddly reminder of their own cherished connections.

Otter is great for:

  • Supporting foster, military, and blended families.

  • Supporting adopted children

  • Teaching the importance of nurturing relationships 

  • Ideal for gifts that celebrate new additions to the family

  • Perfect for Baby Showers, Birthdays, or Holiday gifts for children of all ages!

Together, this set uses foundational messages kids need to hear and examples of how to apply them in their own lives to help children embrace the concept of community and family. The Otter Snuggler set is more than just a toy—it's an educational tool that empowers little ones to cultivate meaningful relationships and foster emotional wellness.

Simple tools for a lifetime of benefits.

Slumberkins | Otter Snuggler Set



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